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odd – this is the one post that garnered more criticism on sailing forums than any other, and yet, it consistently receives the most Google search references from those having the same issues with their Honda EU2000 and EU1000 generators. with that in mind I am republishing it here once again. it’s useful information for those that actually own a Honda generator (most forum sceptics/dolts experts on the internet have never owned or used these generators by all accounts), and for those that go cruising beyond the internet and rely on their Honda generator to supplement their energy requirements. there are two camps of Honda owners. those that have had this failure and those that will. out of warranty, this little mod just might save your bacon when you are out and about with a needed generator that just won’t start.

apologies .. I have been busy preparing for my southerly sailing adventure down the coast. I’ve updated the previous posting on this issue, but to reiterate, this is the procedure for disabling the sometimes problematic oil-alert system which will preclude the generator motor from starting.

there is a protection circuit to avoid failures due to quantity or unlevel operation, that causes oil-pressure to drop below specifications. essentially, there is a circuit with a capacitor (that tends to degrade over time) that sets an integrated timing ramp to initially disable the oil-alert to allow engine starting. obviously, it has to do this as there is no oil-pressure initially. after a certain duration, the system evaluates the oil-pressure once again. capacitor failure, or a faulty oil pressure switch (high leakage) can cause the system to shut down, even though oil-pressure is within specification. this modification removes the oil-pressure switch from the circuitry allowing the control pin to float to -24 volts. just remember that this safety feature has now been disabled, and that this should be considered a temporary measure when out cruising and parts are not available.

this modification should work with both Honda EU2000 and EU1000 generators.

only one wire is involved … but which one?

  1. remove the four screws on the front cover
  2. pull back the panel and note the potted circuit-board beneath the oil-alert indicator
  3. cut the yellow wire (2nd wire from right)
  4. insulate both ends of cut wire
  5. the oil-alert feature is now disabled

cut and insulate the yellow wire as shown

I’ll close this article with a picture and an observation. the Honda generators are fairly water-resistant, however, condensation can drip down the wire bundle into the white connector. the engine will not start with the least amount of moisture at the connections. separate the connector and blow out the plug and socket and reassemble. one of the few failure modes of this excellently designed product. the other problem can be water condensing in the fuel tank. use a small screwdriver and back-off the screw at the bottom of the carburator bowl until a sufficient stream of clear fuel emerges from the drain tube. if water is your nemesis, you’ll see bubbles of clear or rusty looking sediment flow down the tube.


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4 Responses to Honda generator oil-alert disable …

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey you save me thanks a million it work for me i am in the bahamas and it was a real problem with my 1 year old generator thanks again and fair wind

  2. Rick Thomas says:

    Thanks for the help. Was about to take it to the shop and pay 75$ per hour. Clipped th wire and it fired right up. I’m going to order a new sensor, hopefully on Amazon. I use this generator six months out of the year at a medical marijuana grow on my property in Trinity county California. It has Ran 24 hours a day during drying. Thanks. Rick

  3. Lenny , over the road driver says:

    wow, all i have to say is WOW, after spending 500 plus dollars to fix a broken belt on my honda 5 days later the oil light shut it down and would not go out to restart, i cut the wire and one pull started up, i also changed the oil again before that. this generator saves me 700 dollars in fuel a month. i am a over the road truck driver and have used this for over three years. thanx for the help

  4. Bruce says:

    Thanks a million. My Honda 1000 has been shutting off often. I took it for repair and they said IT WAS MY FAULT for having a shut air valve on the cap. I knew that was not the problem.

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