dem doggone bloggin’ blues …

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renascence …

odyssey 8

Odd how life comes full circle at times.

Had many a great time with my Coulter 8 and 13.1 telescopes back in the Dobsonian heyday of the 80’s.

Bought a sailboat to sail around the world and gave most all my worldly belongings to friends.

Fast forward two decades … back on land. New home. Rekindled interest in Astronomy.

Called some friends to let them know I am back in town and my buddy Jim says ‘Would you like your telescope back?’ 

Uh yeah … so 400 Q-tips, soap and water, and new paint later …

Ready for Oregon clear skies … an oxymoron if there ever was one.

Seaside, Oregon

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resurrection …


I wrote a blog post many years ago after troubleshooting my Honda EU2000 and discovering a potential flaw in their oil-level monitoring system. It fails … and when it does the user cannot start the engine. It’s a good safety measure for construction-site applications where the ground may not be level and oil pressure could become critically low when oil quantity is marginal. Sadly, the critical component fails after time and I worked thru a methodology to resurrect the recalcitrant noise maker.

Cutting a single wire does the trick and I was surprised to find that there have been 113,701 views of that particular posting. Apparently it has been quite useful and affords the user a last-gasp way of keeping the generator running when cruising and far away from Honda servicing.

Check it out if you have a Honda generator and one morning it will not start. My bet is the low-level oil sensor has failed (or you have run out of gas) and a simple snip of a wire will restore all good things in life.

fair winds … and copious amperes

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3 amigos …


When you suggest to your 4 year-old grandson that you should go to the lake and look for dinosaurs, you never really know in which direction he will steer you. An abandoned mill pond, ignited and burned up in a David Janssen (The Fugitive) movie ‘Ring of Fire’ in 1961, and the one existing structure resplendent in 55 years of graffiti. Oh to be a kid again … chasing dinosaurs.

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home (m)ownership …


I just bought my third home. The American Dream. Ugh! It wasn’t my choice, but my mother-in-law is 83 and could use some help. Come live with us we begged, but don’t hold us accountable! Our family lives here. We raised our family here in this little coastal mountain community, population 1600. My three grandsons have dinner with us and we watch movies together every Friday. I take them to school. We camp at Mount Rainier on weekends and watch the stars huddled as one in our sleeping bags.

The house buying process is a well-oiled machine. Everyone has a hand out and everyone has the answers. That is the easy part. Next, you find yourselves at the Grand Mall, at Sears to be specific, ordering the stainless steel mega-refrigerator, the matching dual-fuel Range (that I didn’t know existed, nor did I know the unique advantages of electric convection heat .. so much to learn). Oh .. it doesn’t end there. Now, your $5000 outlay has just garnered points that allow you to buy even more items on sale and as a gift to you now as a proud member of the Craftsman Club. I am feeling so special.

Ninety days to spend it all or the points vanish .. so there I am looking at stacked toolboxes, pancake air-compressors, tool sets, table saws, weed-wackers, leaf-blowers, patio sets, microwave ovens, dining tables, sofas, lawnmowers, and wet/dry vacuum cleaners. I am exhausted … I am a home owner.

I once lived on a boat. The happiest I have ever been. Every day brought a new adventure, every cove something new and unknown. Simple.

We’ll also be building a home down the coast in Manzanita, Oregon. On the beach. Simple. 100′ from the surf. Seagulls and sand crabs for pets.

Still .. I miss my boat. My biggest concern in life was whether or not the anchor would hold thru the night. Life was far less complicated.

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hood to coast …


New home, new town, new bike!

Living now in Oregon it makes sense to take advantage of the bicycling opportunities here. Ultimately, it’s riding from Mount Hood to our coast .. not next year, but who knows.

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heading home …


Six weeks in Europe.
Time to head for home and go camping with our grandsons.

Dan & Debbie
Seaside, Oregon

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disjunctive syllogism …


Cockburn’s Port Tasting Room (Vila Nova de Gaia) – Porto, Portugal

I wonder about all this new technology we use .. at times it actually seems to drive us further from each other. Much like Social Networking. Watching families at dinner, party of five, all yielding cell-phones and seemingly disinterested in each other or their meal. And then, here I am traveling 150mph on a train to Lisbon, First class, with high-speed WiFi, posting my thoughts via RF. Radio Frequency. The very medium I have spent most of my life studying. Magic by any stretch, moreso if one delves into the inner workings of electromagnetic fields.

I mean, it is amazing. I sit here studying Logic formalism on my Kindle, disjunctive syllogism strikes a chord, and within a minute I have downloaded George Boole’s 1854 classic treatise on Logic, ‘An Investigation of The Laws of Thought‘ via Amazon’s Whispernet. Behold a miracle!

But I miss real books too, at times … almost becoming impractical in our modern world it would seem. I can carry a thousand books on my Kindle all across Europe, on the beach at Aveiro, Portugal yesterday, on the plane returning home.

And still, having said all this … I don’t want to forget what it feels like to turn a page of a really great book, made from wood. It’s nice having options, isn’t it?

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