dem doggone bloggin’ blues …

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going Parisian … again


burgers and frites

We’re heading back to Europe and taking both our adult children with us this time! Our kids will spend ten days with us in Paris before returning home, and we will head off to Brussels, Amsterdam, Scotland, Ireland, and a week in the English countryside and London. Such wonderful memories await us!

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fly boy …


twenty years ago today

My son flew out from New York City for the holidays and it’s been fun perusing the photo-books and letting the memories flow. It seems like only yesterday when I put him and his cousin into the cockpit and told them to NOT touch the throttles or pull on the landing-gear handle! FedEx would not be happy with me!

Teenagers will do so anyway … so thank goodness for safeguards! :)

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77 years young …

photo 2

General Radio 1931-A Modulation Monitor

I’ve spent the last week refurbishing this General Radio 1931-A Amplitude Modulation Monitor. Works perfect now, and I did my very best to bring it back cosmetically, the way it looked 77 years ago when it left the factory!

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Buy It Now …


Tektronix 7704A

Keith Richards of Rolling Stones fame once remarked -

“I don’t have a drug problem .. I have a police problem!”

I don’t have a drinking problem .. I have a buying problem! And one more oscilloscope joins the fold.

Notes to Self – do NOT pour a glass of fine Cabernet Sauvignon and then sit down at the computer and surf the Tektronix page on eBay!

Who was the genius that invented the Buy It Now! concept?

Absolutely brilliant!

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Empire of the Air …



A great time with my son Danny this afternoon. A ham-radio acquaintance is the engineer-in-charge for the TV station on top of the Empire State Building for NBC, and he gave us the grand tour of the transmitter and antenna. His office is where the B25 bomber crashed in 1945 when it got lost in a heavy fog. The highlight for me was going to the room where Edwin Armstrong developed FM (frequency modulation) in the 1930′s and where the engineering was done on the concept of Television for RCA back then. Armstrong is a hero of mine, universally known as the true ‘Father of Radio’. I’ll never look at the Empire State Building in the same way now .. it was a grand day. Thanks Dave, W2VW!

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NYC for a week …


I am really enjoying spending a week with my son here in New York City in the Autumn. We’re usually here at the beginning of Summer on our way to Europe. This trip was precipitated by a ham-radio communication with a ham on 15-meters AM, who is the engineer-in-charge for WNBC, the transmitter and antenna at the top of the Empire State Building. He offered a tour if I came to NYC. So guess what? I came to New York City!

New York is so beautiful and replete with new opportunities to experience new vistas.  I’ve never smoked a cigar. Never .. but last evening after having a beer at the Boathouse Pub in Central Park, I walked thru the park and down 78th. At Madison Avenue, I gained a whiff of the most delightful aroma of what I am quite sure was a fine, fine cigar. It was heavenly. Not that I will take up smoking mind you … but for the first time I got a glimmer of what the appeal might be.

Tonight it’s steak dinner at my favourite Brooklyn restaurant, El Almachen. An 18oz steak, truffle fries, and stuffed mushrooms .. and yes, there most definitely will be a fine Argentinian red wine enjoyed most delightfully.

daniel (New York City)

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